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 Post subject: [STORY] The Goblin War
PostPosted: Tue Apr 29, 2014 2:55 pm 
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Excepts from the "Chroniques of the Nathanian Wars" by
Sir Atrey Gariaty Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Nathania.

Withing the first 30 years of the foundation of the nation now known as the Kingdom of Nathania, there were three mayor wars that shape the destiny of this great

nation and its inhabitants. The first of this great wars was the one known as the Goblin War. There are many details about this war that are lost now but I was there,

and as an elf, I remember them well.

The castle of Nathania, Dyowna, was almost finished alas with the help of magic it only took eight years to raise. Other allies like Athenea and Aristia were still

raising their outher walls to protect the lands and peasants. The port city of Aristia was not finished and there were other small towns like Rescue Port, Hestia and

Serena still small refuges for the locals. Each of this cities and towns was an independent city with its own ruler and small army. An alliance formed by the founders

of the cities to rule their way of making trade and to share similar laws.

The prosperity of this new nations was secured by an alliance made with the goblins of the Goblin Canon. Their King, Faulkmer, allows the workers and
caravans of Nathania and Athenea to work the mines and cross the lands. There was an unusual pact but it was an unusual time.

North of the Dragon Head Mountain Range other nations were flourishing. The Small Emyrate of Dagba, The Duchies of Citadel, Garmar and Myland and the demihuman
lands of Sismich, Rounders and Dastium were places of growth and peace.

But there were evil places too and fear of war. Trolls on the Fire Mountains and Barbarians on the Frozen North Range were allways a menace for Sismich and
Myland. And also the City of Tanagara, plagued with undead and the Bad Lands north of Garmar crawed with orcs.

Them the Goblin King break the pact and place in siegue the new lands. He allied with the creatures north of the Dragon Head Mountain Range and attack all the cities of the land at the same time. He was in posession of some kind of magic that he can use to spy on his enemies from his tower, Goblin Keep. He was unstopable.

All the cities unable to communicate to each other and each city was alone on his fight...

Brave men die in that war and also those who were not so brave. When the goblins beggan to take post by post, town by town, city by city every man woman and child was either killed or forced to work for the goblins as slaves.

Each one of this cities was in need of help and was fighting alone. Waiting for help and trying to help the other cities. Only the braver and wiser can survive this time of despair...

Everyone thinks I'm half crazy, but they know only half of the truth.
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